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Condor security news is a portal that describes all the operational activities of Condor Security Enterprises. Our viewers can find important news pertaining to the Condor Divisions, its areas of expertise, consulting services, training and interesting articles on contemporary security challenges inherent to the law enforcement, security operatives, counter terror, corporate, defense and homeland security sectors.


2015 events

Condor 2015 events

Condor 2015 events

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Condor Human resource mgt division is ...
Condor Human resource mgt division is at your service when dealing with processes of recruitment, hiring, pre-and post-employment in the field of security.

Weapons and ...
Kidnappings are frightening and ...
Kidnappings are frightening and horrific incidents Ė but with the right training and preparation, you can learn to remain calm and function in a professional and life-saving ...

Selecting the ...
Different people, different situations, ...
Different people, different situations, different jobs, and different operational requirements Ė all situations require that you use a weapon that is right for you in order to get ...

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The world has changed. So has Condor-Security

Security risks have mushroomed in recent years, making the world into an extremely dangerous place: security threats abound; adversaries have become more advanced, treacherous technology is exploited. As ...

Condor Operations & Activities

Condor Security Enterprises was established in 1996 and is an international full scale provider of integrated security services. Condor security is a consulting and training institution that specializes in turnkey solutions for the military, law enforcement, homeland security and corporate sectors. Condor is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and is a leading provider of security services that adhere to the highest standards required for facing the multidisciplinary challenges inherent to the adversary's modus operandi.


The Condor Combat Systems Division provides consulting and training services in a wide range of combat techniques for protective purposes, both defensive and offensive. These specialized techniques and methodologies include: armed and unarmed combat, shooting techniques with different weapons in various environments, situations and times, self defense for women and anti-kidnapping tactics.


The Condor Defense System is the ultimate combat system for special tactical units, security personnel and combat operatives in high risk missions. The system applies special Israeli tactics that have been created for fighting extreme criminal and terror activities. The training combines advanced mental and physical aptitudes with specific solutions to the most challenging situations. The Condor defense system operates this site and an additional Defense Division that specializes in defense solutions against criminal and terror attacks.


The Condor events division offers dedicated information on our events held in Israel and worldwide. The Condor events are the ultimate meeting points for security professionals to meet, participate in operational conferences, engage in practical simulations, and view live tactical demonstrations. The Condor events division specializes in organizing strategic, operational and tactical events, summits, workshops and summits in different areas of security. These events are held from time to time in Israel and abroad. Please visit our events site for updated information in our happenings.


Condor strategy offers advisory services in the building and implementation of strategic solutions for governments, institutions, multinational companies, and sensitive installations. Our services are tailored to delivering solutions for corporate affairs, public resilience, strategic intelligence, security and policy implementation


Condor is a full scale provider of corporate security services for large institutions, organizations, multinational companies, sensitive installations and investor groups. Condor adheres to a unique corporate security doctrine that is strictly studied and applied to fit the multidimensional requirements inherent to every organization. Our corporate security understanding of the different arenas within the global markets allows us to build dedicated and comprehensive security solutions that are in harmony with the respective culture and modus operandi of the organization. The development of such corporate security platforms has given us the ability to integrate different spheres of action to protect the institutions against internal and external threats.


The Condor Counter-suicide Terror division is Condorís leading division in the field of countering and defending against suicide terror. This division provides consulting and training services for the prevention, neutralizations and deterrence of terrorist activities. Our customized solutions include defensive and offensive aspects and are based on extensive field experience and academic knowledge.


The Condor Defense division specializes in custom-tailored combat defense solutions for criminal and terrorist activities. The solutions are based on effective techniques specific to security related scenarios and are tailored to meet the requirements of non-lethal containment as well as extreme situations engagement tactics.


Condor DocSec specializes in extensive Visual Security Solutions for the Military, Law Enforcement and Security Operatives communities. Our visual security solutions specialize in creating unique, groundbreaking methodologies to scripting and filming security related scenarios. Condor DocSec offers state of the art visual security solutions that serve the operational, tactical and cinematographic communities. We can create visual security solutions to any scenario and apply it to diverse theatres of operation specific to the area of activity. Condor Doc Sec takes an active operational role in the development of Condor Security Movies.


Condorís Technologies division presents a website that provides e-learning training programs for all of Condorís divisions. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of programs, offering various e-learning techniques such as recorded lessons, presentations and simulations.


The Condor Enterprises Division is the leading managerial division of the Condor Group and its professional divisions. This division houses Condorís management and defines the professional concepts and vision of the company, centralizing the activity of all of Condorís division.


The Condor Executive division specializes in services for the field of VIP and executive protection. This division provides training and consultation services regarding all circles, layers and techniques of executive protection in the operational and business aspects. This divisionís services address combat shooting, intelligence, dealing with explosives, security for travel or meetings, for instillations and more.


Condor Healthcare Solutions is a leading global security provider uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end security solutions for the Private and Public Healthcare Sector. Condor operates several security divisions that specialize in turnkey solutions that are designed to offer our clients state of the art services combined with personalized fine tuning. Our multidisciplinary approach enhances maximum output and reachable operational objectives so that your organization can operate during routine and emergency situations. Our security doctrine is integrated within the organization's culture without modifying the policy line of action and allowing a balanced integration of security for efficient risk management.


The Condor High Risk division offers guidance and training for organizations and individuals operating and traveling to hazardous destinations. This division combines the expertise of all of Condorís professional division to provide services for the safe operation and travel to regions of conflict, war zones, and countries with high levels of crime or threats of terrorism and violence. These consultancy services and training programs include operational behavior, travel and transportation, combat techniques, intelligence, surveillance and counter-surveillance, personal protection, kidnapping and assault prevention and emergency procedures.


The Condor Homeland Security division specializes in turnkey solutions for national security issues. Our services are specifically tailored for prevention, neutralization and deterrent mechanisms of threats directed against the internal security and critical infrastructures. Our mission resides in how we deliver specialized services to the various industries that are subject to being vulnerable to terrorist operations.


The Condor Human Resource Management division provides consultation and training services for recruitment and personnel management in the field of security. These services are intended for organizations and companies who wish to improve and expand their capabilities in the field of human resource management, leadership and interpersonal skills, manpower screening and post-employment screening for security positions and more.


Impact ĖResponse is a full scale security integrator for mission-critical sectors such as law enforcement, the military, aviation, firefighting, extreme and unconventional crisis management, and other high-stress functions which require extensive capabilities.


The Condor Installations division concentrates on providing you with advances solution for the defense of institutions, installations, compounds and sensitive facilities. Our services include full scale advisory and training services aimed at providing turnkey security solutions that integrate advanced visible and clandestine means with state of the art technical systems.


The Condor Institute for Advanced Intelligence and Counter-Terror Studies offers high quality educational programs in the field of intelligence and security. Our unique method combines long distance learning systems with practical qualifications, all intended to provide security professionals with advanced knowledge and analytical capabilities for their professional enhancement.


The Condor Instructions division centralizes all teaching and instructional methodologies inherent to the security sector. This division provides consultancy and training services which are custom-tailored to the operational modus operandi of the adversary and facilitate in creating practical solutions to these threats.


The Condor Intelligence division provides state-of-the-art intelligence training and consultancy services for law enforcement units, governmental agencies and corporate entities. These advanced intelligence, information gathering and analysis solutions are based on extensive field experience and academic background of our expert consultants and instructors.


The International Training Centers Division was created in order to offer our clients realistic operational training, as part of Condorís educational and security doctrine. This division provides instruction and training in operative training grounds around the world and allows clients to enjoy cost-effective packages alongside state-of-the-art services.


The Israeli Combat Institute works in close cooperation with Condor Security Enterprises and its operative divisions in order to deliver state of the art services to our clients. The Israel Combat Institute is all about visualizing the art and craft of security. We specialize not only in documenting the most extreme security related situations, but also is planning complex scenarios and presenting them in the most realistic and operational manner in order to maximize combat tactics and methodologies.


The Israel Security Review is a professional partner of Condor Security Enterprises.
ISR operates as an independent source devoted to bringing security professionals the latest written and visual literature in different sectors of security.ISR centralizes advanced solutions that are found to be effective in different theatres of life and exposes them to security professionals that are at the forefront of saving lives. Our vast arrays of solutions are delivered through dedicated articles, practical exercises, professional reviews, documentaries, attack scenarios and simulations.


Condor Live security implements 15 years of experience in making Security and Combat Movies. Now, with Condor Live Security, you benefit from a true interaction with fighters and mentors, which allows for improved learning experience. Condor Live Security in a security division within Condor Security and specializes in turnkey live security broadcast solutions. Our team is composed of Condor Security experts, specialized consultants and qualified instructors in specific areas of activity.


The Condor publications division is the home of all of Condorís written and published materials, including books, manuals, Journals, newsletters and articles. This division specializes in advanced publications in a variety of security fields, methodologies and subjects. Condorís publications can be purchased in hard copy or electronic format through the Condor publication website.


Condor Security Movies features full length movies and short clips in various security related scenarios. Condor movies specialize in producing action visual movies in the operational sectors of security. Our teams have vast combat experience and expertise in anti terror, counter terror, combat with weapons, unarmed combat, maritime, air and special tactics. These teams can produce and simulate a vast range of security scenarios in an effort to visualize and analyze the operational solutions.


The Condor shop was established in order to offer our clients a line of security products that reflect our commitment to professionalism. The products in our shop have been designed to deliver professional knowledge in different formats. Condor offers different publications such as books and manuals as well as electronic format publication for those who prefer this. In addition, Condor offers different books, manual,professional movies and DVD's in different security sectors and reflects our capabilities.


The Condor Simulations Division specializes in building security simulations specific to the industry requirements. These simulations are designed to allow different organizations the ability to engage and practice attack scenarios from different angles. These scenarios can be addressed from the adversary angle so that we can practice and understand the different modus operandi.


The training security portal is your gateway to all Condorís training solutions. our training portal includes all courses, seminars and qualifications that we offer in Israel and abroad. In addition, we offer customized training solutions based on the operational requirements of our clients. In this Portal you will also find an advanced platform for online conferences and webinars on special topics. All our qualifications are in accordance with the highest operational and pedagogic standards in order to maximize the learning experience of the trainees. We invite you to check our portal which will be online soon and get first hand information on all our training services.


The Condor Transportation division is dedicated to the task of protecting and defending public transportation systems against hostile activity and terror. This division provides our clients with resources and solutions to protect and secure all aspects of the transportation field, including terminals and stations, crew training, operational driving tactics, counter-terror tactics, operational security chauffeurs and more.


VIKE features the best videos on self defense, street defense, endurance combat, knife techniques and other security and martial arts related fields. We work full contact and developed our own techniques, based on traditional martial arts and refined in years of experience. Our videos are shot by qualified cameramen, trained in Visual Security, our proprietary method which conveys both the techniques and the atmosphere in the most realistic manner.